AstroMatrix Tarot 10 of Cups

“Share your love and happiness with everyone around you because sharing doubles the joy.“

The ten of cups is the perfect manifestation of happiness, harmony, and a perfect family. The card images a couple standing together holding each other, and two children are playing near them. The couple faces a beautiful home, and the cups are arranged in beautiful colors in front of them up in the sky. The card overall reflects the perfect union one can ever wish for. The grassy patches and green trees symbolize fertility, and the river pictures the flow of emotions. The rainbow of cups indicates the end of hardship and the homecoming of divine support.

When you draw this card, it signals your happiness, joy, and emotional stability, especially related to your family and relationships. You have an abundance of love and happiness in your life, and you never shy to share your bundle of joy with those around you. Everyone appreciates your support. The ten of cups usually appears in a draw when you share a strong connection with your family and friends.

Just like the happy family on the card, you too have a strong tie with your family. For you, the security and comfort of your family come before your own dreams and wishes. If you are single, then the card’s appearance suggests that you will soon cross your paths to your perfect match, and it will be a relationship made in the heavens.

For married couples, the card brings encouragement to start a family and enjoy parenthood. From personal to career life, everywhere you uphold sincerity in your relationships, ensuring emotional stability for you in return.

The reversed card reveals a mismatched relationship or conflicts among partners. Do not isolate yourself from your family. Prioritize collective goals over personal goals. You can not survive alone for long. You have to follow a collective approach rather than blowing your own trumpets or expecting others to follow you. If you want respect, give respect to others too.

The card suggests that you are ignoring your loved ones for the sake of gaining your material goals. Create a balance in your work and family life to avoid more disharmony and conflicts in domestic life.

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