AstroMatrix Tarot 10 of Pentacles

“Your legacy will stand for a long time. So make sure to invest rightly to make your journey even sweeter for your family.“

One of the biggest issues attached to having abundant wealth in life is what to do and where to spend it. The Ten of Pentacles embodies all the positive traits of the Pentacles suit. It represents happiness, family goals, wealth, security, and spiritual wisdom that comes with experience. The card reminds us to remember the lessons learned by other cards and apply them to resolve the conflicts at hand. You got everything in life. You have the wealth and happiness you desire. Now the question is, what more?

The card shows an old man sitting comfortably in his chair with a child near him and his loyal dogs at his feet. His old age and position symbolize his success and accomplishments. He has earned a lot and is now ready to share his wealth with his loved ones. His hard work has earned him success and financial security for his family. He is gratified to see his legacy. The couple standing on the archway implies the deep-rooted family connection, home, community, and circle of life.

The arrangement of pentacles represents the universe on all levels of consciousness – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. The dogs are the bridge between your spiritual and animal nature. They also represent innocence, spirituality, and higher destiny. The draw of this card refers to the completion of your long journey.

Wealth and financial abundance surround you, and what more to look and desire. You got everything to fulfill your material needs. You are financially stable and have created a firm foundation for your future successes. It is time to share your success with others and help them achieve their goals. The card shows that family is always your priority, and you are ever ready to do anything for them. They trust you and know that they got your back through every thick and thin.

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