AstroMatrix Tarot 2 of Cups

“Express your feelings to those you hold in your heart. Let them know that you care and think about them.“

The card depicts the union of souls, romantic relationships, good friendships, and partnerships based upon natural affinity and mutual respect. The card shows the image of two women holding their hands under the wings of Caduceus Hermes with two snakes wrapped around them. The winged staff is an ancient symbol of trade, partnerships, negotiations, protection, and duality. The filled cups signify energy and passion between them. The pair of swans represent soulmates for life and hints at a period of mutual growth and development.

When two of cups appears in your draw, it brings the happy news of a healthy and meaningful relationship. Whether it is a relationship made in career, love, or friendship, the cups refer to your entwined feelings and interest. It is the time to express your feelings and strengthen your connections to reap long-term rewards.

The card indicates a strong pairing, the comfort, and happiness of two becoming one. It is the card of balance and fairness. Whether your work relationship or romantic association, you are always faithful to your partner and expect the same in return. In your love life, you and your partner are known for standing by each other through every thick and thin and contributing to each other’s growth.

If you are single, then gear up because two of cups refers to proposal, engagement, or marriage for you. It is not only about union and harmony in a romantic association. Instead, it means overall balance and harmony in your all life areas.

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