AstroMatrix Tarot 2 of Wands

“Come out of your comfort zone to explore new territories. It is time to test your knowledge to validate your decisions.“

The two of wands is all about stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams. You may be thinking about making a life-altering decision; take your time and plan before proceeding with your vision. You have two choices, either stick to what you know or go beyond the walls of your imagination to embark on something extraordinary.

The man with a globe and a wand in hand denotes that the world is between his hands. He needs to realize his potential before he can expand his horizons and accomplish the impossible. You already have a fantastic idea in your mind, but you are hesitant to bring it to reality. To really achieve what you have set your mind to, you need to start executing your plans. 

The two also represents cross wands due to mingling energies that bring forth an inner conflict. The water in the card represents two significant parts of your psyche, i.e., the optimistic and pessimistic sides. The eagle bestows the courage to soar to new heights and adopt a broader perspective of life for receiving abundance. Life is a grand adventure, so dream big, shoot for the stars, and remember you live in a world with infinite opportunities.

Think and decide what truly matters to you and what will matter to you when you reach the end of the line. Focus on your long-term happiness and determine how you want to spend the rest of your life. If your immediate plans don’t lead you to your destiny, it is time to think about everything that brings you true joy. Instead of wasting yourself into to be or not to be, take timely decisions before time slips from your hand.

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