AstroMatrix Tarot 3 of Pentacles

“To accomplish success, expertise and mastery of skills are required. Your hard work and dedication have created a firm foundation for your success. It is time to aim for the moon and manifest your success.“

Embodying the principle of hard work and service, the Three of Pentacles shows emotionally and financially fulfilling careers. Everyone wants to excel in his career. The card shows that teamwork wins excellent work. It is the card of learning, growing, and building a career of your choice for yourself. When you are committed to your goals and give your 100 %, you build a strong foundation for success. It also indicates that you know the importance of teamwork and collaboration for accomplishing your goals.

When the Three of Pentacles appears in your draw, it denotes your knowledge, professional skills, sense of responsibility, and honesty in your dealings with others. You are not only a master at your work, but you also know to follow the schedules, stick to the rules, and perform your duties in the best possible manner. Following a strict routine and keeping up with traditions might seem boring to many others, but for you, following conventions is a way to bring security and value to the table.

You are well-aware of your capabilities and capacities, which help you set and implement your plans to accomplish your objectives. Move forward, prepare well, and managing things to your best are three integral components of this card and the golden principle of your life. You are committed to your goals and relationships. The card hints upon your craftsmanship and ability to surpass all challenges because you believe hard work pays off in the end.

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