AstroMatrix Tarot 5 of Cups

“Do not shut your eyes to new opportunities. It’s time to forget the past and seize the opportunities to build a secure future.“

The card contains the image of a man in the black cloak who seems focused on the three knocked-over cups lying in front of him and ignorant of 2 filled cups behind him. The card is symbolic of his situation, that he is holding on to his past, and the emotional baggage is stopping to see new opportunities and potentials. He is wearing a heart locket in his hand, which symbolizes heartbreak, separation, and betrayal. Still, the flowing water and bridge bring a message to rebuild life and relationships to move on.

The appearance of this card in your reading indicates that you are unhappy, sad, and disappointed because the situation did not turn as expected. You have conjured up negativity and pessimism and not released that baggage. The appearance of five of cups is not only about your unfortunate situation, but it urges you to change the course of your life.

Let bygones be bygones. People will try to vandalize you. Remember, forgiveness is divine. Instead of blaming yourself or others for your loss or failure, learn from your mistakes. It is time to find the opportunities and turn them into competitive advantages. Shift your mind from mourning over the loss to see the brighter side of life. Blessings come in disguise. You have to recognize them. Look, the glass is half full than half empty.

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