AstroMatrix Tarot 7 of Swords

“No one can hide the truth. Be true. Else be ready to face the consequences.“

The seven of the swords card is about betrayal and deception. The card shows the image of a man running away from some camp with fie swords in his hands. He has left two swords erected behind him. His smile indicates that he is proud of his act of betrayal. The card suggests theft, trickery, betrayal, and deception.

You might be trying to hide behind others’ backs to play some tricks while keeping your secret intact. But remember, the life of falsehood is not long. The truth will soon be revealed, and people will recognize your real face. Be aware that your cunningness may bring temporary success to you, but it will only cause you shame and embarrassment in the long run. All the cover-up stories will prove useless.

Alternatively, if you feel down because someone you trusted the most has cheated on you, instead of feeling sad. Learn from this and be careful about judging others’ sneaky behaviors. Follow the signals of your intuition when something feels fishy. This card’s appearance brings a positive message of being strategic in your endeavors instead of looking for shortcuts.