AstroMatrix Tarot 8 of Wands

“An important news is just around the corner for you. Prepare yourself for a quick yet positive change in your life.“

You might be struggling to move ahead with your plans and losing your hope because of the long wait. 8 of the wands is a dynamic card that suggests radiating energy in your life that is all set to push you forward to reach your targets at a pace much faster than ever before. The good busy days are arriving, and you will find yourself all enthusiastic about attaining the progress you always searched for yourself.

The flight of wands moving through the air represents hidden archers who thrown their wands in unison to reveal their plans. It unfolds that all the past difficulties are finally over, and you are all set to grow. Hone your awareness about your surroundings and closely watch the changing trends to keep pace with the time and shape your surroundings as you desire.

Just keep going with the flow and do not resist. Trust the universe. It is leading you in the right direction. Do not reject any offer because you think you are not ready to accept it or want things to happen slightly slower. Opportunities never knock twice. You have to keep pace with the time and fuel positivity in you for achieving significant results.

Be laser sharped with your actions and intentions. Set your prioritize and align all your energies and resources to one goal at a time. While you are pacing up to complete the project/task/assignment in hand, be ready to be occupied with something new and adventurous soon. But do not leave any task without completion. Before you keep your hands on something new, first make sure to complete the earlier started task.

The flying birds suggest air travel for a business trip or a holiday. Personal and professional lives are exciting and refreshing, boosting your confidence and enabling you to deliver beyond expectations.

The card demands you to be relaxed and calm to avoid chaos and frustrations in its reversed position. Your mind is brewing with new ideas, but you have to slow down and evaluate each move before taking any next step. Resistance will only block the flow of energy and make you feel stuck in life. If you have to hold onto your activities for some time, do not resist it. You can pursue your goals once the situation gets smoother and predictable.

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