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“Embrace your inner calling. You are all set to take your life to the next level.“

Derived from the Christian scripture, the judgement card represents spiritual rebirth, transition, and transformation. It is an elaboration of your actions and inactions. The appearance of the judgment card represents your journey from the old to a new phase of life. Our progress to the next level is based on our past performances. The card urges you to listen to your heart and follow the directions of your soul. This spiritual awakening will lead you to a higher level of consciousness and prepare you for the service of God.

The phoenix resting at the top of the card denotes the rebirth of the mystic bird who rises from the ashes. It symbolizes your robust abilities and courage to rise above failures, defeats, and self-doubts to reinvent yourself. You are akin to change and reach the top. It will help if you tap your inner self to reform yourself for the better. Don’t assume judgment as a day of ending. It is about new beginnings, fresh starts, and the last stop before eternity.

The draw of this card signals a major change in your life. A change that is not destructive is entirely under your control. It is your chance to put all pieces of your life puzzle together to witness the clarity of thoughts, actions, and life at large. Missing this opportunity will make you regret your decision. Do not resist change. Cherish the company of your well-wishers and listen to their advice because they might have experienced something similar in the past. Their support and guidance are a chance to rise together.

If you are thinking of changing your career or entering a new love relationship, judgment has its role in your life. Learn from your past mistakes and decide accordingly for moving towards happier and healthier times ahead. It is the card of cleansing, wiping out the old, and carving out fresh and new without doubts and fears.  The Judgement card is associated with the dwarf planet Pluto – a planet of major transformation signifying the circle of death and rebirth. It will help if you declutter your old self to make room for the new.

The card reveals that the cosmos is trying to connect with you to steer you towards something more significant in life when it appears reversed. It would only be possible if you would honestly pay your attention to listen to what the universe is trying to instruct you instead of turning a deaf ear to the inner calling and period of evaluation. Put all the fears aside, and the cosmos has your back. Trust yourself, take concrete steps, and do not allow shadows of the past to hold you back.

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