AstroMatrix Tarot Empress

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance“

The Empress is the representative of the physical body and the material world. She brings the pleasures and abundance of everything in life. Being the mother archetype, Empress makes you feel the power of love. Her world is natural, pure, and ideal for fertility, abundance, and the process of creation. She is capable of creating the world she wants to live in.

The pomegranate trees are symbolic of fertility and luxurious life. The lush forest and winding stream denote Empress’ association with Mother Earth and life. The peacock feather relates to planet Venus and Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who blesses you with her divine energies to get unconditional love, growth, and pleasure. The golden wheat in the foreground symbolizes the abundance of a recent harvest. The butterflies narrate the story of intricate phases of transformation and evolution of the soul.

When this card appears in your life, it suggests you open your heart for unconditional love without any demands or conditions because those are the notable traits of an Empress’ personality. Be gentle, affectionate, and gracious to celebrate life. We often neglect the feelings of love, care, and sympathy in this mechanical life. The draw of Empress advises you to inspire others to spread love. Take time for yourself to celebrate and enjoy your life. Plan a trip to spend some time outdoors in the lap of mother nature and praise its beautiful creations. Just like Empress, take pleasure in your creations. Doing this reinvigorates your spirits and inspires you to nurture a compassionate and supportive environment.

In a literal sense, Empress urges you to step into the role of mother, a guide, or a caretaker to lead others by example. Whereas metaphorically, it also suggests the birth of an idea, a dream, or a new project you always wished to start. It is the time to nurture your creativity to support growth and embark on new roles with compassion and love.

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