AstroMatrix Tarot Hierophant

“To make the mind obey you is a spiritual discipline“

Representing traditional values and institutions, the Hierophant is the final leg of the triad seen in the Emperor and Empress cards. The Hierophant is a mentor or counselor who provides you guidance and wisdom to face life challenges. He is the male counterpart of the High Priestess and occupies fifth place in the Major Arcana cards. The image of Shiva represents traditional values and the significance of spiritual and religious domains in life. The raised right hand symbolizes the act of benediction and blessings. The trishula in the left hand symbolizes trinity, the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost.

The two devotees sitting in front of him denote the transfer of knowledge within institutions. The two half-person represent that many people know half of the reality and half is always hidden. Only the curious souls try to uncover what lies beneath. They also represent one’s will to follow the path of sacred knowledge and wisdom. The temples in the background represent holy sanctity and the religious authority of the Hierophant. The keys he wore in his neck imply the balance between conscious and subconscious minds and disclosing ambiguities. The bull behind Shiva relates this card to the fixed zodiac sign Taurus and refers to stubborn nature, virility, stamina, and purpose in life.

The appearance of the card of wisdom and spirituality reveals your spiritual realization and your will to follow the traditions on the path of knowledge. You might feel restricted by the traditions, but the card suggests you follow established structures and traditions. The Hierophant represents your core values and recommends that you must adhere to the existing rules and regulations.

The draw of this card reveals that you are entitled to lead others, so learn everything about your chosen field for establishing your credibility. Be determined and focus on realizing your goals. Your determination and perseverance reveal that you are destined to reach the top position in your realm. Following rules makes you disciplined and organized in your efforts and ensures success in everything you do in your personal and professional space.

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