AstroMatrix Tarot Magician

“Let’s show everyone what you are capable of. It is your time to rise and shine.“

The magician is the number one card that represents new beginnings and opportunities. The appearance of this card signifies that you possess all the skills and abilities necessary for success. Magician’s association with Mercury, the planet of daily activities and lifelong relationships, denotes the connection between material and spiritual realms. He uses this connection for manifesting his goals in the physical world.

This is the card of creation & individuality and the union of negative & positive energies and traits. The symbol of infinity is an integral part of the depiction of the magician card because infinity symbolizes his limitless powers and unlimited potential to uphold his influence and dominance. The magician card’s cup, pentacle, sword, and wand relate to four elements (water, earth, air, and fire), signifying that he got everything to realize his targets. Will is his greatest power, and as long as he knows to control it, he can create, preserve, destroy and redeem. He knows what to do? When to do? How to do and why to do?

The draw of this card is a reminder that only dreams can not make things happen. You have to work hard to turn them into reality. Your desire to create needs the ability to create; else, it is of no use. The magician is the master manifestor who brings you the resources, skills, and energy to manifest your desires. You have the spirit (fire), physical strength (earth), mental support (air), and emotional support (water) that allow you to live a life that you have always dreamt for you.

It is up to you to combine your physical and spiritual energies and use your skills synergistically to put everything together and create a unified whole than separate parts. It is the perfect time to execute your ideas because the seed of potential has already sprouted. Take action and convert your intention into fruition.

Magician asks you to take inspired actions with full concentration and solid commitment to your goals. Adopt a systematic approach to stay focused on your targets and avoid all distractions. Your self-belief, ingenuity, and confidence will make you succeed in everything you are planning to do. Whatever you want for yourself, go for it and create the future the way you want.

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