AstroMatrix Tarot Prince of Pentacles

“Patience, commitment, and reliability are key traits of your personality. You know to give your best and accomplish your targets.“

Representing the daily tasks and sense of responsibility, the Knight of Pentacles is about work, efforts, and commitment. The knight riding his horse is in no hurry and carefully assessing his move before taking the next action. The broad fields symbolize his will to plough row after row and prepare it for a good harvest. He is ambitious to realize his dreams even if they seem repetitive or dull to others.

When the Knight of Pentacles appears in your reading shows that you have got the patience and commitment of the knight that makes you give your heart and soul to your duties. You are conservative in your approach and gives your 100% to complete your job perfectly on time. No one can question your truthfulness and reliability.

Your teachers, employers, and everyone related to you trust you to get the most difficult tasks done that many others might have eluded. Sometimes you act stubborn, but even your stubbornness is acceptable for others because they know you are a trusted and dedicated partner. The card also points to your mundane routine and the daily grind of responsibilities. It suggests you take time for your refreshment. You believe in your slow and steady approach and know that hard work never goes to waste. You ace your tasks because, just like a knight, you embrace your responsibilities without any compliant or grudges.

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