AstroMatrix Tarot Princess of Cups

“Be persistent in your approach to manifest your dreams into reality.“

The page of cups represents your inner Peter Pan. The card images a floating mermaid with a cup in her hand. A fish is popping its head out of the cup and seems to be looking at the mermaid. The fish and blue water represent multifaceted life – emotions, intuitions, creativity, and feelings. The fish in the cup refers to the inspiration that suddenly appears out of nowhere only when you readily open yourself to new possibilities.

This card brings happy news, invitations to gatherings, and potential romantic proposals to start a new chapter in life. Oscillating with the curious and refined energy of the page, you seem tender, humble, and idealist in your approach. The page of cups invites you to embrace new possibilities and dream the impossible. Allow your inner child to explore new horizons and wear heart on your sleeve.

It is time to go by the signals of intuition to receive pleasant surprises in life. The page card indicates new endeavors. It might be initiating a new project, a new love interest, engagement or marriage, birth of a baby, or traveling abroad. Embrace the opportunities and prepare yourself to receive abundance and surprises when the moment arrives.

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