AstroMatrix Tarot Princess of Pentacles

“Stay grounded, loyal and responsible. Take your chances and grab the opportunities. Without efforts, you can’t gain anything.“

This card is the bearer of good news in earthly matters. The card contains the image of a young girl standing in a grassy field holding a pentacle in her hands. The trees and the grass symbolize a good and abundant harvest in the future. The mountain signals the upcoming challenges and obstacles in your life that you can surpass with strategic planning and staying firm on your goals. Just like the page is observing the pentacle to decide how to manifest more abundance in life. You can also make efforts to reach your ultimate goals and attain excellence in your ranks. The goat relates the Page of Pentacles to the zodiac sign Capricorn and also refers to playfulness, perversity, and black magic.

The draw of this card denotes your practical mind and faithful nature. You are all set to build a solid and sound foundation for a successful life. You are working on planning your goals, developing strategies, and executing your ideas. Your consistency and attention to detail enable you to face all hurdles. Nothing can stop you from chasing your dreams.

 Many opportunities are coming your way, and you just have to move ahead and search for them. This card often implies that you are likely to start higher studies or get a long-due promotion. In short, whatever you are going to do, you will rock. Put your efforts and reap the benefits for the future.

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