AstroMatrix Tarot Princess of Swords

“You have got the gift of gab. Your words inspire people to thrive in life. Use your mind to make valuable connections in life.“

This is the card of renewed energy, raw passions, and infectious enthusiasm. The card contains the image of a man pointing his sword upward in the sky. He is looking opposite to the direction of his body and sword as if he wants to know what is happening around him. The energetic youth standing on a green rocky precipice is ready to navigate through the turbulence for bringing positive change and realizing growth and progress.

The draw of this card reflects the favorable conditions for your plans. It is the right time to execute your ideas, learn new skills, and start new projects. With the Page of swords card, you look promising to explore new horizons. While embarking on new journeys, make sure not to leave anything unfinished. Maintaining your pace is the key to reaching your destination.

You may be hasty in your approach, which makes you prone to making mistakes. However, your thirst for knowledge and curiosity help you to wade through challenges and enjoy the exploratory stage without worrying about attaining mastery. The Page of swords urges you to discover your inherent communication talents and utilize them in your favor.

You have a long way to go yet. Do not feel overwhelmed by the setbacks. Keep moving on and be enthusiastic about learning more about your surroundings while striving to connect with your higher self. Words can make or break anything. Do not fall prey to flattery. Use the power of your mind to make valuable connections in life.

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