AstroMatrix Tarot Queen of Swords

“Do not make judgments based on emotions. Get to the heart of the problem without indulging in gossips.“

The Queen is sitting on her stone throne adorned with a cherub and butterflies. The cherub represents her softer side, and butterflies symbolize change and transformation. The Queen seems to be facing the future with the raised left hand as if she is ready to receive, and the raised sword denotes her desire to identify the truth in all matters. She is blessed with the gift of judgment and flexibility to receive and offer knowledge.

The appearance of this card suggests mental clarity, intellectual power, maturity, and receptiveness. You are known for your unbiased opinions and flexibility of attitude. Instead of being led by emotions, you prefer to analyze and question things from every angle before reaching any conclusions. You are a truth seeker who listens to everyone and then deciphers information.

You hate flattery or fluffy words. The Queen of swords praises your mental clarity and habit of getting straight to the point. As a resilient and independent individual, you have defined your boundaries. You do not like to invade others’ personal space nor allow others to cross your boundaries.

You do not care if someone labels you rude or ruthless just because you do not fall flat to their words. Your integrity and honesty are of supreme value, and you do not compromise on them at any cost. Some people might feel intimated by you because of your hard exterior, but once they get closer to you, they see your softer side, and their respect and love for you grow more.

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