AstroMatrix Tarot Temperance

“Persistence, patience, and a clear vision are keys to enjoy well-being and attain harmony in life.“

The card contains the image of a winged angel who is representative of the balance of sexes. She is pouring the water and fire from her cups in hand in a large pot. It symbolizes the flow and alchemy of life. The water and fire also suggest union and infinity. The blue water represents the subconscious realm, memory, receptivity, reflection, and healing ability.

The image of an eagle and lion carved on the pot represents opposing forces. The eagle implies Scorpio’s fixed water sign, tempered by the fire, and the lion represents Leo. The angel’s act of pouring water and fire shows his wish to temper and modify them as per his wish. The fire and water also denote the perfect communion of mercury and sulfur. The ankh represents truth, eternal life, and regeneration. It also mirrors planet Venus and indicates an abundance of love and beauty.

The lush background refers to the highs and lows of life. Overall, everything about this card depicts balance and harmony that springs from the union of dualities. The appearance of this card indicates that before jumping into anything, you must test it. You have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed for a long time and looking for ways to restore balance in life.

Do not feel stressed anymore. The temperance card suggests that your patience will soon bear fruit, and things will set as you wish. Your clear vision is your biggest asset because you know what you want in life. Clarity of your mind reflects that you are well-attuned to the divine realms and readily accepting angelic guidance.

You have excellent relationships with other people that help you foster a positive environment for everyone to learn, implement, and grow. You have successfully surpassed all challenges because of your patience, clear vision, and perseverance. If things still seem a little out of control, do not worry. Everything will return to normality soon.

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