AstroMatrix Tarot The Moon

“Navigate the change and life transitions gracefully instead of resisting it. An excellent opportunity is lying ahead to help you illuminate your highest path.“

The card pictures the full moon position between two towers. Moon represents intuition, dreams, and the subconscious mind. The moonlight serves to illuminate the higher consciousness winding between the large towers. In the foreground, water is separating two paths leading off to a distance. On either side, a dog and wolf are standing and howling at the moon.

The dog and the wolf symbolize the civilized and animalistic aspects of our minds. The lobster coming out of the water refers to the early stages of self-realization. It symbolizes mental strength, resolution, and abundance. It brings subconscious wisdom to the surface. The tower represents good and evil forces. Their similar appearance can mislead in the time of difficulties to judge the difference between both.

When you pull the moon card in your draw, it indicates your fears and illusions concerning your present and future. Your past experiences are clouding your present. The emotional distress and anxieties of the past are holding you back from facing reality. You are living a life of uncertainty and illusions. The only remedy is strengthening your connection with the subconscious mind to release all the anxieties and fears.

Trust your abilities and be positive. Follow the leads of your subconscious mind. Though it seems dark, challenging, and confusing, it is right for you, so stick with it. The moon wants you to be patient, just like him. Do not rush through your options. Wait for the things to unfold to see a clear picture before you decide anything.

It is time to release mental blocks and follow your intuition to understand your purpose better.  The moon’s appearance in your draw advises you to attune yourself to the divine powers of the moon and connect with the divine feminine energy to see what lies beyond your sight. It urges you to open your mind and soul to new opportunities and unexpected possibilities.

Let’s plant new seeds of opportunities and work to see them grow. Be proud of your accomplishments and let go of failures. Focus on things that will help you grow and shine.

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