AstroMatrix Tarot The Star

“Open yourself to new hopes and possibilities for receiving the blessings sent by the universe and embrace success.“

When everything seems dark, the star brings the light, hope, and inspiration to discover the path of enlightenment. Its soft and radiating glow brightens your ways in the darkness. The appearance of this card is the beacon of light in your life. The card contains the image of a woman standing firm in the water, holding pots in her hands. The left hand’s pot represents the subconscious mind, and the right pot represents the conscious mind. The pouring water symbolizes nourishing the cycle of fertility. The blue water represents her intuitive abilities, inner resources, and ability to listen to the voice of her heart.

The star card speaks for Aquarius’ intellect. The star and the Aquarius pairing strive to improve humanity and spread hope and inspiration in this vast world. Both share the ruling planet Uranus, the planet of The Fool, and the star card is a part of the fool’s journey. The eight-pointed star carved on her pot refers to the Sumerian goddess Inanna and her counterpart Ishtar. It symbolizes sexuality, love, fertility.

When this card of faith appears in your draw, you feel hopeful because it urges you to forget the wounds of the past and let go of everything that no longer serves you to move forward in life. You have everything to resolve conflicts in your life and take the next step. Success might not be imminent at this point because to embrace it, you have to shred all the old layers of your personality and trust that the universe will bless you with everything you deserve.

The draw of this card in your reading reveals that you had faced terrible challenges in your life and successfully managed to pass through them without losing hope. You enjoy conquering the hurdles in your paths. You are confident in your abilities to turn the adversaries into advantages while unleashing your resilience and inner powers. Your faith and positivity help you reach your targets and reap the fruit of your hard work.

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