AstroMatrix Tarot The Tower

“You are a catalyst for change. Realize your worth and strive to change the course of destiny.“

The card shows a blazing tower in a lightning bolt. The fire has released the demons of fears, madness, and despair from their hiding places. It seems as if nature is conspiring to destabilize human society. The tower is solid, but the shaky foundation can make it collapse at any moment with only one bolt of lightning. It also refers to hollow ambitions and goals set on false premises.

The upheaval, disaster, and destruction are collective. The two men leaping out of windows with arms outstretched represent chaos and disturbance. The lightning symbolizes energy and insight to break through the devastation. It enters from the top and spreads through within, illustrating energy flow through the crown chakra.

The eye of ra above the tower implies royal authority. It is the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection. The eye of ra signifies that destruction must happen to start afresh and rebuild something new and refreshing. It also implies that even in chaotic times, divine intervention is there to inspire truth and reawakening.

The draw of this card suggests to expect the unexpected and prepare yourself to receive massive change, face upheavals, destruction, or chaos. The tower asks you to brace yourself. You might be feeling that your world is falling apart. The sudden changes and disruptions have made you nuts because you cannot deal with this catastrophic situation.

It might be a breakup, death of a loved one, job loss, financial crisis, natural disaster, or some health issue that disturbed you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The moment you think things are settling and life is getting back to normal, a sudden lightning bolt strikes and disturbs everything to the core.

Perhaps you are looking for the change, but the results are not as expected, making you feel anxious and stressed. Do not let the fear strike you and abandon the truth. Try to comprehend these unexpected changes giving you a chance to rebuild your life in a better way. Embrace the change because it is a natural part of life. If you try to abandon it, it will only make your life difficult. You have everything to redirect yourself and write your destiny yourself.

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