AstroMatrix Tarot The Universe

“It is the time to celebrate your success and bask in happiness because you have realized your goals.“

The card shows the image of a woman floating in space. It looks as if she is moving forward towards the future. Her outstretched arms show the continual journey for successful completion to initiate new beginnings. The planets and a galaxy full of stars symbolize the cyclic nature of life and your successful progression through all its phases.

The planets are also symbolic of the zodiac signs on the astrological wheel, four elements, seasons, tarot suits, and the corners of the universe. The universe card brings peace and a deeper sense of understanding for you to let go of the past. It is your guide to move from one phase to another while bringing balance and harmony to your journey. 

When you draw this card in your reading, it brings a good omen for happier times. You are enjoying your accomplishments. Your struggles have brought you the fruition of success, completion, and fulfillment. The most cherished project, study period, relationship, or career has completed its circle, and you are reveling the satisfaction of successful closure and achievement.

You feel satisfied and complete because the results have exceeded your expectations. You have burnt the midnight oil to do the right things at the right time to reap the fruit of your hard work. Now you are satisfied because everything is as you have envisioned it. The universe card motivates you to celebrate your success and introspect your moves because the journey is not over yet.

All the challenges and trials have made you emerge stronger than ever before, and you are determined to seize more opportunities to make historic triumphs in your personal and professional life. Do not forget to express your gratitude for what you have created with your resilience, tenacity, and honesty for yourself.

Share your experience and insight to inspire and help others cover the loose ends for bringing their plans to completion. The universe card also hints upon the upcoming travels. You are lucky to have time to enjoy an overseas trip in the coming months. It could be a pleasure trip or a professional trip to add a few more feathers into your cap by sharing your knowledge and experience with others and listening to their success stories to set robust plans for the future.

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