AstroMatrix Tarot The World

“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.”

The card depicts a woman holding a circular shape with ying-yang symbols in her hands. It suggests balance and unity in life and indicates the possibility of working together with our differences and opposites to act as a unified whole. When every hurdle is surpassed and every rocky path has been traveled, the final step is to reach the next level of existence and to pass through the final gateway- the world. The four statues (lion, bull, eagle, and cherub) indicate the similarity between the world card and the wheel of fortune. Both cards speak about the cyclic nature of life and your progression through these cycles.

The four cards also represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac wheel, four seasons, four elements, four compass points, four suits of tarot, and the four corners of this universe. The woman on the card represents the Goddess Gaia – the ancestral mother who advises you to seek, feel, grow, forget, and heal for moving ahead in life. If you hold on to your experiences, you will not live life to your fullest potential.

When the world appears in your reading, it shows that you are full of vitality to mark the successful completion of projects in your hands to enjoy a profound sense of wholeness, achievement, and fulfillment. This card represents the accomplishment of your dreams. All the setbacks and obstacles along your path have shaped a strong, wise, and well-grown personality. Enjoy the fruit of your success, and do not rush into the next big project without any break or rest. If you have not manifested your dreams yet, do not worry, you are very close to your goal. If you look at your success graph chart, you will be surprised to see your achievements and your learning along the way.

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